Oh hi sweetiepie, welcome to my blog!  You’re looking good bollywood, did you do something with your hair? ;)

Anywho, as many of you know I have gone back to school to study my Master of Marketing (cos that’s how I roll!)  One of our assignments in eMarketing is to create a blog, so ta dah!  Dear readers, please note this is my first time so please be gentle!

What is agent evocateur all about you ask?  Well, that’s a very good question, thank you for asking.  Marketing to me is all about communicating how you put the haha in your customers’ wawa – and since the purchase decision is usually emotional rather than logical (let’s be honest!) what could be more engaging than evocative experiences?  You know what I’m talking about right, the one that touches you in that special spot, the kind that makes you wake up in the morning with uhhmazing bed hair volume from sweet sweet dreams (or is that just me?)  A mind blowing moment that is a sight for sore eyes, music to your ears, tantalises your tastebuds, nibbles on your nose, tempts you to touchy feely and seduces your super soul sis…

12 hour roasted Mt. Leura lamb shoulder pistachio and green olive tabouleh

Oh Maha goodness

That’s right, like having a dinner date with the 12 hour roasted Mt. Leura lamb shoulder pistachio and green olive tabouleh at the mesmerising Maha (you had me at habibi!)  So without further ado, my future musings from hereforth will be all that rocks the partay that rocks my boday – I find design deliciously delightful and fabulous food makes me frisky, so what could be more yummy than a blog that fuses both into intoxicating inspiration?!

Before I love you and leave you, here’s a little something something to further explain how I really feel at a rendezvous with a delectable morsel (and no bubby, I am not referring to you this time!)

Ciao for now san choi bao!  Happy drooling xoxo


4 thoughts on “About

    • Glad you likey Tita Gie! Even my tummy rumbles whenever I see the Maha dish too ;) To make sure you get all the latest and greatest from my blog, make sure you click the ‘follow’ button at the bottom left on the page xoxo

  1. hey there hon, love the idea,love this page – I reckon you should make it your home page with a link to the blog!

    Keep the reviews coming – maybe even add a rating scale for the food/ ambiance and coffee – or rate them yourself? Given my predilection for a good coffee (happy to drive well out my way for one) I pitch for a coffee rating :-)

    • Oh wow thanks heaps for the feedback! I will have to have a chat with my tech savvy mates regarding amending the format of my blog as I am not quite sure how to execute your above suggestion ;)

      As I only want to post my highly recommended cafes and events in Melbourne, I was thinking that I didn’t need a rating scale… will definitely have a thinkie though… what does everyone else reckon xoxo

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