Me soo hungry @Cafe 53

Well hello mango jello!  I don’t know about you, but the fresh spring breeze and sporadic sunshine of September in Melbourne always makes me feel perkily peckish!  As I was in the CBD for work stuff anyway, what better timing to stalk visit my favourite cafe in the whole wide world: Cafe 53 on Finders Lane…

Specials board
Eenie meenie minie moe…

Camera shy owner Michelle and her spunky team always make fabulous fresh soups and scrumptious salads in time for a luscious lunch break – more on that later!

Wall installation by Jess Hynd
Wall installation by Jess Hynd

Check out their too cool for school wall installation by fellow Melbournian Jess Hynd on entrance wall #industrialchic

Light fitting
Lights, camera, action!

Can you believe their light fitting is from Ikea?

Front counter
Their coffee machine sure gets a workout!

Sooo excited to find out they are now stockists for the very nutritious and oh so delicious activated mixed nuts by Star Anise Organic Wholefoods #nibblicious

Decorative details
Decorative details

Cafe 53 is also a perfect brunch date with lovers that require ‘man-sized’ brekkies (some hubbies can be soo demanding!)

Peek a boo!

Do you believe in love at first sight?  *Sigh* soo does not do them any justice!

Who can say no to a lil bit of roast chicken, avo, spinach, mayo and SDT action?

For those who love a bit of meat in their sandwich I highly recommend the Carlos *wink wink*

Up, up, and away
Up, up and away

They renovated the upstairs area last year and I’m loving their golden ochre walls that light up the very meterage challenged space (some may describe it as ‘intimate’).

Don't blame it on the sunshine
Don’t blame it on the sunshine

The framed vintage posters are treasured souvenirs from a whimsical road trip to Red Hill Community Market.   I wished my hand bag was big enough to take home  the beautiful birds of paradise in recycled bottles as keepsakes of my own, but my genie must have chucked in a sickie today.  Can you spot the soo haute right now sky planters from Design Dispensary?

Close up
Strike a pose

Here’s a close up as requested (Hi Nirma!)

Where it's happy hour every hour
Where it’s happy hour every hour

I can personally recommend every single dessert if you’re wondering #justsayin

And so it begins...
And so it begins…

Sure doesn’t take long for Cafe 53 to get cray cray around midday, wonder why…

Soy mochalicious @Cafe 53
Soy mochalicious

Getting my tan on their Jak+Jil outdoor seating by Tait, whilst basking in caffeine cuddles with soy mocha in hand #aaaaah.  Warning: Cafe 53 makes the yummiest coffee ever.  Period.

Scrumptious salad trio
The Holy Trinity?

I know you don’t usually make friends with salads but their fresh to death greens are highly coveted at the Paris end.  Loyal patrons shake their chassis up Flinders Lane as early as they can on their lunch break to ensure they do not miss out on Cafe 53 goodness!  After intensive research, I have concluded that a threesome is the definitely best way to go – it is way too hard otherwise to choose just one!  Made my tummy soo happy with the following combo:

1. Green bean and tofu stir fry with spring onions, chili, bean shoots, coriander, Thai basil and mint served on coconut rice

2. Spicy meatballs with yoghurt dressing, tabouleh, parsley, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onion, lemon and cucumber

3. Roasted pumpkin and BBQ chicken with cous cous, cherry tomatoes, mesclun, fetta, caramelised onion, pine nuts and mint

Decadent desserts
Are you a parking ticket?  Cos you have FINE written all over you!

For a happily ever after ending, my mouth whispered sweet nothings to their dreamy creamy caramel and macadamia cheesecake #bakedbliss

Ciao for now green cacao, happy drooling xoxo

Cafe 53 03 9662 1655

55 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

Open Mondays to Fridays 7:00-5:00pm

*Pretty pretty please send me an email before re-posting my outstandingly original and copyright protected content elsewhere (yes, that includes my phabulous photos), and ensure that you share the love using the credit ‘via’.  Thanks heaps in advance xoxo

26 thoughts on “Me soo hungry @Cafe 53

  1. I love finding good places to eat in Melbourne. I’ll be looking forward to your posts. As a coffee lover, I do need to know of places that can get it just right! The salad options also look awesome and healthy! Hope to try the green bean and tofu salad.
    I love vintange stuff a good close up pic of these would have been great to add to my pinterest board. Thanks for sharing your fav mel spots.

    1. Well Nirma you’ve certainly come to right place then ;) My photos do not do their food justice, they are all so damn good! They make different salads daily and they pretty much run out the door as soon as they put them in the display…

      Thanks for the feedback regarding the interior pics, wasn’t sure how much detail to have in them as I only wanted to have a total of 8 photos per post… will make sure I do a couple of juicy ones for my next cafe xoxo

    1. today I went to a Cafe called CombiCafe (there’s one in Albert Park and another at Elwood)really cool locations near the bays.The coffee is absolutely awsome and ambience is really warm the good thing is it runs for a worthy cause…you should try it next time you at the bay,you willnot be dissapointed :-)

  2. wow…such devine food, great choice with cafe 53…this could become a regular gig for you now (-: Will definetly swing by and try the Holy Trinity option bext time I am up the Parisian end of Melbourne. I look forward to hearing of some other fab eating spots and treasure troves on your blog.

    1. Awww thanks hun, make sure you say g’day to Mishy and the team for me (save me a cheesecake too!) xoxo

  3. Best coffee in Melbourne!!

    Café 53 would have to also be one of my favourite cafes… Food is delicious; coffee is outstanding and brilliant customer service every time

  4. the first time i tried the Carlos sandwich, i had never realized that i tasted so good. gimme dem avos and spinach woooooo! :D

    1. Good choice Paolo *high five* – you should try it with grilled mushrooms next time, ish tha bomb ;)

      Thanks heaps for your feedback, hope you likey the rest of my posties xoxo

    1. Thanks for your feedback Simon! I was just in there today and they have just gotten a fresh batch of Star Anise Organic Wholefoods goodness – make sure you check it out next time for some activated mixed nuts action xoxo

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