Not so quiet as a mouse @TDF Open House

Well hello fluoro yellow!  Sorry it’s taken awhile but finally put the photos up from TDF Open House last year… Was not sure what to expect but was hoping not to wait for aaages in the hot like a sunrise that was Melbourne’s Springtime – a little birdie told me that the first day was hectic as!

www.agentevocateur.comSo far so good and very tempted to grab the first of the limited edition Miniscape terranium I saw…

www.agentevocateur.comColour love with air vessels by Emma Davies and twiggy bits by Twiggargerie

www.agentevocateur.comMore handcrafted goodies by Harvest Textiles, Marimekko and Karen Morton

www.agentevocateur.comSweet sweet soy lattes from local’s Market Lane Coffee from nearby Prahran Market….

www.agentevocateur.comI spy with my little eye something beginning with J….

www.agentevocateur.comVisual feats from Bec Orpin, Esther Stewart, Little Land of Pia, Kat Mcleod, Kate Tucker, Kirra Jamison and Miranda Skoczek

www.agentevocateur.comEeenie meenie minie mo, catch a Bonnie & Neil cushion by the toe…

www.agentevocateur.comMore terranium goodness by Miniscapes and awesome art by Lucas Grogan, represented north of the river by Gallerysmith Lovers balcony…

Balcony view of Open House backyard…

www.agentevocateur.comBoudoir for the bourgeoisie by Castle and Little Dandelion

www.agentevocateur.comCan you spot little leather lockets by Jen Booth, handcrafted hooks by Stampel (so got one!) and Trashkova bins by Boqil? The kiddie bedroom was probably the most inspirational section for me…

www.agentevocateur.comLove love love the feather garland by Made by Mosey… can I get a witness?


Poof lovin’ to finish ;)  Let me know what you thought of TDF Open House…

Ciao for now bow wow!  Happy drooling xoxo

The Design Files Open House 2012

27 Eastbourne Street Windsor

Thursday Nov 29th – Sunday December 2nd 2012

Open 10.00am – 5.00pm daily








Tell & Kiss @Grey & Bliss

Knock knock pork hock!  With the skies not so blue and the tingling promise of the weekend, where else could one find perfect happiness than Grey & Bliss on Bay Street?

Neo nirvana
Neo nirvana

Catchy name right?  When I asked hostie with the mostie, Alex, what the g-o was with the cafe’s moniker, he revealed that they simply got lucky from a naming competition with their staff and suppliers, as well as their nearby neighbours.  That’s pretty much how Grey & Bliss rolls, getting down with the locals to give them what they really want!  Judging from how busy they are no matter what time of the day, they have certainly been getting heaps of love back in return!

Crompton Road or Dark Horse?
Crompton Road or Dark Horse?

The coffee is Five Senses and the mouthwatering menu is seasonal, with a fabulous focus on building strong relationships with artisan farmers.  Alex explained that the cafe’s gastrophilosophy was all about the “farm to table experience”.

Lights, camera, action!
Lights, camera, action!

Owner Leigh must have been an industrial designer in his previous life – how clever are these light fittings!  The Grey & Bliss team created the whole design concept, having previous experience with other venues in the heart of the CBD.  The Bay Street locale is their first foray into the ‘burbs…

Copper feature
Chinoiserie with copper should always be seen…

I don’t know what I heart more – the chinoiserie pot or their copper lighting!

China plate collage
China plate collage

Even going to the bathroom is an artistic exploration #ninthwonder

Delicious details everywhere...
Delicious details everywhere…

Hostie Alex advised that they really wanted a space that was more than just a pretty face, somewhere where their customers felt at home and treated the cafe like it was their own lounge room…

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!

Certainly wished my lounge was as pretty as this!

I spy with my little eye something beginning with T...
I spy with my little eye something beginning with T…

Flexible and inviting for girly get togethers, double dates or lovers lunch (If anyone is wondering I’m totes down for any excuse to go back here soon!)

Pure perfection
Pretty perfection

Seriously, am I the only one who wants to channel this in my own home sweet home?

Fitout fetish
Fitout fetish

My photos seriously do not do Grey & Bliss justice!  Everything is just soo adorable!

Clock love
Clock love

Exposed brickwork and unsealed concrete – match in material heaven or what?

I'm your biggest fan...
I’m your biggest fan…

Timber fans and reclaimed lighting #ecochic

Sensational soy
Sensational soy

Oh soy latte how do I love thee!  Let me count the ways…


The Forestiere with free range green eggs poached, mushroom ragout, spinach truffle butter and shaved parmesan on brioche – my taste buds are still tingling!

Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?
Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?

Hazelnut and cranberry meringue #mindblowing

Word out on the street is that Grey & Bliss will be staying open later in the coming months for some casual summer fun!  Know where I’ll be for din dins ;)

Ciao for now luwow!  Happy drooling xoxo

Grey & Bliss 03 9646 9989

197-199 Bay Street Port Melbourne

Open Mondays to Sundays 7:00-5:00pm

Creative culture @Fringe Furniture

Missed me bubble tea?  It’s been hella hectic with lots of exciting things happening at work and school… soo crazy that I almost forgot about Melbourne Fringe Furniture!  The temporal theme this year is ‘You’re Gonna Need  A Bigger Boat: Bright Ideas, Simply Put’.  Hmmm.  Inspired by the movie classic Jaws (WT?) that I may or may not have actually watched ever, the focus is on the “simple expression of challenging concepts” (cue Jaws soundtrack!)  Partnered with RMIT University, we can expect to see samples of sensational student work #woohoo

The exhibition is located this year in the angelic Abbotsford Convent.  Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they are the ‘meh’ in mainstream whenever they are in the City of Yarra?  Not jelly I swear, but damn those locals look sooo ridonculously cool with their lentil burgers and locally sourced organic wine #hipsteralert.  But I digress.  Anywho, if any of you get hopelessly lost like me, the gallery space is around the corner from the white building on your left when you enter the convent.  When you see the sign in the photo above, keep going and turn left again!  Please do not mind all those industrious looking peeps bumping in to film something (I knew I should have put my lashes on today *argh*)

Gotta love the splash on Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Tangerine Tango‘ to greet you upon arrival  #tastytasty


#51 Spume by Jo Li & Mark Watson (18mm laminated board) 1500x2200x700mm

#7 I am a Liar by Byron Raleigh (mock solid timber door – MDF, Radiata Pine, CNC router cut lettering) 2040x820x35mm

Under the sea, under the sea, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me…

#50 Trap V2 by Graheme Mandelson (plywood) 40x50x1200mm

#36 Renaissance by Thomas Lentini (reclaimed Baltic pine floorboards, reclaimed hessian coffee sacks, reclaimed steel) 450x1400x450mm

Is anyone else thinking Coco Pops bling right now? #lightfittinglove

#43 Weave pendants by Edward Linacre (reclaimed timber veneers from an industrial waste bin, brass double cap rivets, steel fittings, light fixtures by Pakumba) 850/650x800mm or 800/600x600mm

We’re going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali…

We are truly blessed in Melbourne with so much homegrown talent in our hood #3000represent

#34 Tree by Cachet (bamboo plywood, glass) 395x1542x522mm

Although we’ve come, to the end of the road…

#39 Rough diamond pendants by Jonathan Ben-Tovim (old copper coil from air conditioners, steel wire, fishing thread) 1200x860x800mm

Winner of ‘Lighting Design Award‘, this showstopper was definitely my pick of the bunch!

Make sure you put your riding boots on and trek over the Yarra as soon as you can, the exhibition is on 11-5pm until this Saturday – eeek!

Ciao for now, brown cow!  Happy drooling xoxo

2012 Fringe Furniture @the Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford

Wednesday 26 September-Saturday 13 October 2012

Pure parfait @Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe

What’s goin’ on banana turon?  As it’s coming up to that pivotal one day in September I may have been hanging out the City of Boroondara to dedicate the next few posts to my fave team #GoHawks

Caffeine cargo
Vhat vonderful VM

Celebrating it’s first birthday recently, the cafe was named after a Kewellian gentlemen who still lives in the area.  Owner Wesley is more than happy to retell whimsical tales of Percy the WWII pilot that flew to exotic locations such as Brazil and Columbia where their coffee beans are coincidentally from…

Caffeine cargo
Caffeine cargo

Hello yellow #alilrayofsunshine

Yellow fever
Yellow fever

As a local boy himself, Wesley is a massive fan of supporting the community.  Their bread is baked fresh daily from Abbotsford Convent Bakery and the nearby coffee roaster brings their South American sourced green beans straight to the cafe.

It's a bird...
It’s a bird…

How adorable is the antique model fighter plane that is an actual replica of Percy’s war machine #gutentag

Spot the bird's nest...
Spot the bird’s nest

The cafe’s tenancy is a homely heritage building that is blessed with beautiful original features like textured ceilings, exposed brickwork and stained glass windows.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with E...
I spy with my little eye something beginning with E…

Check out these locally crafted wooden tables by David Davenport

Outside view
Outside view

Centrally located around the corner from High Street, the cafe started opening on Saturdays four months ago to cater for their loyal groupies fans who can’t wait until Monday for a bit of Percy love.

Zoom zoom zoom
Zoom zoom zoom

Faster than a speeding bullet…  More powerful than a locomotive.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

Warm and cozy
Warm and cozy

Who doesn’t heart a fireplace?

Wall striptease
Wall striptease

Some people call their exposed brickwork a feature, Wesley prefers to call it a striptease…


You can leave your hat on!

Rain rain go away
Rain rain go away

Their outdoor courtyard is soo pretty even when it’s pouring, just imagine how it would be when the old man isn’t snoring #summerlove

Soy yummy
Soy yummy

Probably the best coffee in Kew (big call I know), master barista Wesley also produces his own full bodied specialty small-batch roasted coffee concoctions with weekly single origins available for purchase *aah*

You had me at avo
You had me at avo

The cafe’s all day brekky menu is changed seasonally by their chef with the concept of simple and tasty goodness.  Many have traveled all over the land (or at least over the Yarra!) for the timeless thyme infused mushrooms on toast, with smashed avocado, lime dressing, dukkah, creamy goats cheese & a poached egg…

Kiss me if I'm wrong, but have we met?
Kiss me if I’m wrong, but have we met?

Double choc chip cookie – double the pleasure, double the fun #onthedouble

A little birdie has told me to come back soon to check out their upcoming mural and other decorative projects.  I can’t reveal all but if you have any old board passes that you would like to give a new home to, make sure you drop them off at Percy’s departure lounge ;)

Ciao for now char kway teow!  Happy drooling xoxo

Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe 03 9939 7642

96 Denmark Street Kew VIC 3101

Open Mondays to Saturdays 7:00-3:00pm

*Pretty pretty please send me an email before re-posting my outstandingly original and copyright protected content elsewhere (yes, that includes my phabulous photos), and ensure that you share the love using the credit ‘via’.  Thanks heaps in advance xoxo

Stop this instance @Tyranny of Distance

Oh haaai cherry pie!  For those who are not familiar with this wonderful Windsor institution, you have been missing out!   An oldie but a goodie, Tyranny of Distance has been providing locals and Swinburne students alike with fantabulous food and even better drinkies (from what I’ve heard!) since 2008.  FYI, happy hour at the lubritorium is everyday between 5-7pm #you’rewelcome

What a welcome ;)
What a welcome ;)

Stage right is the entrance to their enclosed smoke free dining area that meshes Rio Carnivalesque colours with op shop treasures #didsomebodysaysamba

Undercover lub
Undercover lub

More finishes eye candy of the inside dining area!  Owners Carlo and George commissioned several Melbourne artists for the fitout, with Melbourne jeweller and goldsmith Marcos Davidson leading the regime.  The finished concept is almost gallery like in exhibiting artworked pieces that have been recycled, reclaimed and re-used.


It’s just so right…

Re-rewind and the crowd say bo selecta
Re-rewind and the crowd say bo selecta

The various vintage pieces throughout the venue gives homage to the site originally being a lube garage (for cars, silly!)

It's all in the deets
It’s all in the deets

Everything in the cafe feels like it has a super cool story to tell…  Tyranny of Distance is like the Grandmaster Flash of eco-industria that is soo haute right now!

Puff, puff, give
Puff, puff, give

From raw metal beams to unpolished concrete floors, it’s like what I’ve always wanted my bachelorette pad to be… except for the bachelorette part!  Oh, and did you know you can pretty much smoke everywhere on this side of the cafe ;)

Don't ruin the rotation
Don’t ruin the rotation

Seriously, this place totes floats my boat on aesthetics alone #suckerforaprettyface

The heat is on
The heat is on

Now that’s a totem of mass reconstruction!

Ceiling feature
Look, up in the sky

These light fittings created from rustic old gas bottles kinds reminds me of those recycled LPG gas bottle fruit bowls from Industria X on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy – do you know which ones I mean?

Totes adorbs
Totes adorbs

A little birdie told me they get their bewdyful bouquets fresh everyday from Sarrucci on Chapel Street, Prahran…


A native flora by any other name…  Does anyone (this is your cue landscape architects) know what this is?

Industrial chic
Industrial chic

Chair porn!  Soo many choices, only one booty…

Cafe au soy
Cafe au soy

I find that I am developing a fetish for fine china in my old age #octagonsaucerforUFClovers

Fabulous flatbread
Fabulous flatbread

Today’s special was slow cooked lamb shoulder with confit garlic, spinach and pinenuts wrapped in their signature flatbread… how could I resist?

Damn girl, you must be tired because you've been running through my dreams all night long!
Damn girl, you must be tired because you’ve been running through my dreams all night long!

Homemade fruit salad crumble muff.  That is all.

Ciao for now carabao.  Happy drooling xoxo

Tyranny of Distance 03 9525 1005

147 Union Street Windsor VIC 3181

Open Mondays to Wednesdays 7:00-11:00pm; Thursdays 7:00-12:00am; Fridays 7:00-1:00am; Saturdays 8:00-1:00am; Sundays 8:00-12:00am (no rest for the wicked!)

*Pretty pretty please send me an email before re-posting my outstandingly original and copyright protected content elsewhere (yes, that includes my phabulous photos), and ensure that you share the love using the credit ‘via’.  Thanks heaps in advance xoxo

Sticks & stones @Priscilla Jones

Long time no see calamansi!  Welcome to spoil yourself Sunday at our beloved local for long lunches: Priscilla Jones at Gasworks.  Thanks heaps to a little birdie for letting us know when owners Bronwyn and Emma took over the centrally located cafe in March 2012, it has made the Rainbow Brite highlight of our weekends ever since #easylikeSundaymorning

The great outdoors of PM
The great outdoors of Albert Park

Priscilla Jones is found right in the urban oasis of the Arts Park, and is of course, very kiddie and doggie friendly!

Better than the ones on Toorak Road tractors
Better than the ones on Toorak Road tractors

The comfort food cafe’s own cute as a button cartoon graphics can be found all around the exterior windows and inside as features on their signage and POS material.  Tell me these aren’t soo much better than those stick figure stickers (you know what I’m talking about!)

Welcome to spoil yourself Sunday!
All the best loved classics with their signature style

Priscilla Jones is open everyday for breakfast and lunchies, as well as some nights for dinner in conjunction with Gasworks Performing Arts next door, some Tuesday evenings for wine appreciation nights and afternoon tea every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday between 2:00-4:00pm.  Make sure you give the cafe a buzz to confirm dates and make bookings…

Tweet tweet...
Tweet tweet…

Whilst everything in their menu is aaawesome, it is also their aaahmazing customer service that keeps us coming back for more!

And it's just like honeeey, when your love comes over meee...
And it’s just like honeeey, when your love comes over meee…

Check out the cafe’s house muesli of toasted oats, seeds and nuts that they usually serve with natural yoghurt as well as rhubarb & raspberry compote #availableforpurchasescore

I know I jam I know I jam jam while oh damn why don't you jamboree for me?
I know I jam I know I jam jam while oh damn why don’t you jamboree for me?

In case you were wondering, Priscilla Jones also make their own oh so tasty chutneys and jams that you can purchase to try and re-enact the magic at home!  It’s just not the same for me, so am very lucky to live close by so I can stalk visit the cafe as often as I can for some wholesome action!


Tempting treats for everyone on two legs as well as four!  I can definitely  vouch for everything tasting just like Nana used to make them, with the cafe sourcingrecipes from their real life grannies!  Okay, I know the last sentence may have been uttered a bit tongue in cheek but Priscilla Jones is named after Bronwyn’s grandmother, Priscilla and her mother’s maiden name Jones. Word on the street the cafe owner’s mummies were also wonderful cooks and the delicious duo continues the tradition of representing their renowned recipes with a modern twist ;)

Custom retro apron <3
Custom retro apron <3

How gorgeous are their custom made aprons that the lucky staff wear as their uniform?  Soo jelly, wonder if wearing it gives them their super dooper cooking power ;)

Lovely light fittings
Lovely light fittings

As it is getting close to that festive time of the year, thought I should let you know that Priscilla Jones can cater for up to 50 people for dinner indoors or up to 100 in their spectacular outdoor courtyard.  Of course, they can handle more peeps in a standing situation…

I'm a little teapot short and stout
I’m a little teapot short and stout

Simple yet stunning interior details can be found everywhere in the cafe.  I really want to be a copycat from Ballarat and do this at home with different herbs #inourloversbalconyperhaps

Ring a ring a rosies, a pocketful of posies
Ring a ring a rosies, a pocketful of posies

Love love love fresh local flora!  Can anyone tell me what kind of flowers these are?

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!

Aren’t their custom stampage on all of their tables just adorable?

Soy lat-tey ho hey ho
Soy lat-tey ho hey ho

Make sure you follow @PriscillaJones on Twitter to find out when they have guest baristas over, like the brilliant Claire Bear with her out of this world Galaxy soy lattes #toinfinityandbeyond

I never meant to give you mushrooms girl...
I never meant to give you mushrooms girl…

This hottie house special is their roasted field mushrooms filled with ricotta, lemon, rosemary & spinach on sourdough with two poached eggs added for an all day brekky bonanza… yes, they do catering too!

I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!
I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!

Last but not least was my rendezvous with their homemade passionfruit and coconut slice for a very happy ending indeed #happilyeverafter

Ciao for now nian gao, happy drooling xoxo

Priscilla Jones 03 9682 8255

21 Graham Street Albert Park VIC 3206

Open Mondays to Sundays 7:30-4:30pm

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Feelin’ fine @Grand Designs

How do you do coochie boo?  Had a wonderful weekend checking out Grand Design Live‘s inaugural Melbourne event at MCEC, where I soon realised that I still have not gotten over my thang for timber…

RMIT outdoor feature 1

Check out all the amazing RMIT landscape architecture outdoor features located in the Grand Outdoors section…

Aren’t they stunning?

Promoted as a celebration and challenge to traditional design, the installation is “an exploration of aggregation in nature… what DO bees know?”

It’s a toss up for me between the pic above and the featured image for the post as my fave translation, what about you?

How charming are these bronze giant snails and birdbaths from Willie Wildlife Sculptures?  All their delectable designs are made just down the (Great Ocean ) road in Ocean Grove

I have been a massive fan of Who Did That since I snipered them at Design:Made:Trade over two years ago.  100% Tassie designed and made using eco-veneers, their Grandeliers lighting range is flat packed fabulous and sustainably sexy!

I am apparently not the only one who feels this way, with Who Did That recently winning the much coveted Maison et Objet ‘Les Découvertes’ award for their entire product range #CongratsLoz&James

Headed into the Grand Interiors section to check out another student exhibition called Rooms by Design, there was really much else that tickled my fancy!  Created by third year interior designers-to-be from Whitehouse Institute of Design, the collaboration showcased the design brief of their three finalists.  The image above and below is a study of personal space called ‘Zenith’ by Victoria Allan.

I wonder if the wooden bowl in the bottom middle shelf is from the Ifugao collection at H&H?

The image above and below are by Jordan Christodoulou‘s concept of organic technology called ‘Renewal’…

How clever are the floating shelves made out of books?

Last by no means least is ‘Meditation’ by Natasha Busbridge.  Definitely my fave out of the three, although I do seem to be a sucker for bathrooms… does anyone else have a weird weakness for wet areas?

On a really awkward segue, guess who I ran into in this area?  One of my fave designers, Adele Bates who has recently opened her own practice!  As one of the Saturday Indesign insiders in Melbourne this year, the very talented specifier was also one of the mentors for the Whitehouse competition.  What a woman #inspiration

My last stop for the day was local lovin’ Melbourne Movement.  With the objective of making manufacturers, retailers and consumers become aware of the value of good design, the collective “promotes the design excellence of young Australian designers” (awww!)  The image above are the Corporate Culture Design Pitch 2011 winning Monkey Pots by Adam Cornish, inspired by mid century classic toy ‘Barrel of Monkeys

If you have not seen the Solaris clock by DIA member Tate Anson you have been missing out!  The award winning accolades of the former RMIT Industrial Design student include the Colourways Industrial Design Graduate of the Year Award (GOTYA), Furnitex‘s ViViD Award in Best Student category and Indesign Award at Launch Pad.

As a long time lover of Melbourne design, I was pretty pleased to see so many home grown representatives at Grand Designs Live, my only wish that some were actually from Swinburne!  The exhibition was by far the most inspiring and innovative that I have been to for awhile now (and trust me, I get around!)

Ciao for now carabao, happy drooling xoxo

Grand Designs Live Melbourne @MCEC

2 Clarendon Street Southwharf

Friday 21- Sunday 23 September 2012

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Rock a roni @Tony Le Pony

Giddiup buttercup! With the sun shining and the birds singing, I could not think of anything better than a lunch date all by lonesome at the recently refurbed Tony Le Pony on Burwood Road…

Toneh Le Poneh
Toneh Le Poneh

Toneh Le Poneh, I just can’t say it without channelling my inner Godfather (you give it a go!)  But I digress.  Many of you know that I have been lovin’ this cafe that is oh so conveniently located opposite school.  With many a cheeky childhood memory in the ‘hood of Hawthorn, it was totes meant to be for owners James and Dave to have their very first stable in their hometown (3122 represent!)

Enter stage left
Enter stage left

The new fitout is thanks to Papa Tony Le Pony’s “connections” filled with vintage treasures found in Melbourne’s fabulous op shops…

Team Dolci Sapori or Team Modena?
Team Dolci Sapori or Team Modena?

Barista extraordinaire by day James recommends Dolci Sapori to those who love a bit of creamy goodness with their coffee (like lattes and cappucinos), whilst Modena are for those who are sweet enough and have not gone back from black (like espressos and long blacks)…

If you hungry, let's do it, ride it, my pony...
If you hungry, let’s do it, ride it, my pony…

A horse is a horse, of course of course…

Muff love anyone?
Muff love anyone?

Not about reinventing the wheel, Tony Le Pony’s menu is classic cafe food made from locally sourced seasonal produce with a bit of love <3

It's all in the details...
It’s all in the details…

This one time at band camp…

My kind of display cabinet
My kind of display cabinet

Please don’t tell my lover but have totally become infatuated with their rustic shelving!

Display deets
Display deets

How cute is this display near the entrance? I never seem to find stuff as cool as this whenever I trek down to Savers!  This horsie would have to be my fave #Bubbycanwekeephim?

I'm a fan *pun intended*
I’m a fan *pun intended*

So many adorable details everywhere, especially the old school timber fans and whitewashed wooden ceilings…

Alfrescoish awesomeness
Alfrescoish awesomeness

Check out their gorgeous back beer garden with baby orange trees!  This is probably where I’ll spend most of summer when I should be doing homework…

Stair feature
Stair feature

A little birdie has told me that they have also renovated upstairs for some function fun and look what I saw along the way #Iheartflowers

Sneaky peeky of function room
Sneaky peeky of function room

Tony Le Pony sure knows how to throw a partay, with many still recovering from the launch last Friday!  If you’re keen, you can have the exclusive function space for 25 of your peeps sitting down all formal, or 65 peeps for a cocktail soiree…

Soy yummy latte
Soy yummy latte

Apart from soy lattes that rock your socks off, they also make very delectable dishes for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, merienda and word out on the street, dinner coming soon as well! Did I mention that they do catering as well? #winning

Rueben and I go waaay back
Rueben and I go waaay back

So I’d like to present to you the Rueben sandwich of corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & thousand island dressing on rye with pickles and beer battered fries on the side #soulfoodforreal

Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?

Was there any doubt that I would not finish off with a caramelised banana and cinnamon muffin?  Promise it had nothing to do with the fact that it smelled and sounded soo intoxicating, but purely just on cinnamon‘s brain boosting benefits!

Ciao for now siopao, happy drooling xoxo

Tony Le Pony 03 9819 1515

428 Burwood Road Hawthorn VIC 3121

Open Mondays to Saturdays 7:00-5:00pm

*Pretty pretty please send me an email before re-posting my outstandingly original and copyright protected content elsewhere (yes, that includes my phabulous photos), and ensure that you share the love using the credit ‘via’.  Thanks heaps in advance xoxo

Me soo hungry @Cafe 53

Well hello mango jello!  I don’t know about you, but the fresh spring breeze and sporadic sunshine of September in Melbourne always makes me feel perkily peckish!  As I was in the CBD for work stuff anyway, what better timing to stalk visit my favourite cafe in the whole wide world: Cafe 53 on Finders Lane…

Specials board
Eenie meenie minie moe…

Camera shy owner Michelle and her spunky team always make fabulous fresh soups and scrumptious salads in time for a luscious lunch break – more on that later!

Wall installation by Jess Hynd
Wall installation by Jess Hynd

Check out their too cool for school wall installation by fellow Melbournian Jess Hynd on entrance wall #industrialchic

Light fitting
Lights, camera, action!

Can you believe their light fitting is from Ikea?

Front counter
Their coffee machine sure gets a workout!

Sooo excited to find out they are now stockists for the very nutritious and oh so delicious activated mixed nuts by Star Anise Organic Wholefoods #nibblicious

Decorative details
Decorative details

Cafe 53 is also a perfect brunch date with lovers that require ‘man-sized’ brekkies (some hubbies can be soo demanding!)

Peek a boo!

Do you believe in love at first sight?  *Sigh* soo does not do them any justice!

Who can say no to a lil bit of roast chicken, avo, spinach, mayo and SDT action?

For those who love a bit of meat in their sandwich I highly recommend the Carlos *wink wink*

Up, up, and away
Up, up and away

They renovated the upstairs area last year and I’m loving their golden ochre walls that light up the very meterage challenged space (some may describe it as ‘intimate’).

Don't blame it on the sunshine
Don’t blame it on the sunshine

The framed vintage posters are treasured souvenirs from a whimsical road trip to Red Hill Community Market.   I wished my hand bag was big enough to take home  the beautiful birds of paradise in recycled bottles as keepsakes of my own, but my genie must have chucked in a sickie today.  Can you spot the soo haute right now sky planters from Design Dispensary?

Close up
Strike a pose

Here’s a close up as requested (Hi Nirma!)

Where it's happy hour every hour
Where it’s happy hour every hour

I can personally recommend every single dessert if you’re wondering #justsayin

And so it begins...
And so it begins…

Sure doesn’t take long for Cafe 53 to get cray cray around midday, wonder why…

Soy mochalicious @Cafe 53
Soy mochalicious

Getting my tan on their Jak+Jil outdoor seating by Tait, whilst basking in caffeine cuddles with soy mocha in hand #aaaaah.  Warning: Cafe 53 makes the yummiest coffee ever.  Period.

Scrumptious salad trio
The Holy Trinity?

I know you don’t usually make friends with salads but their fresh to death greens are highly coveted at the Paris end.  Loyal patrons shake their chassis up Flinders Lane as early as they can on their lunch break to ensure they do not miss out on Cafe 53 goodness!  After intensive research, I have concluded that a threesome is the definitely best way to go – it is way too hard otherwise to choose just one!  Made my tummy soo happy with the following combo:

1. Green bean and tofu stir fry with spring onions, chili, bean shoots, coriander, Thai basil and mint served on coconut rice

2. Spicy meatballs with yoghurt dressing, tabouleh, parsley, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onion, lemon and cucumber

3. Roasted pumpkin and BBQ chicken with cous cous, cherry tomatoes, mesclun, fetta, caramelised onion, pine nuts and mint

Decadent desserts
Are you a parking ticket?  Cos you have FINE written all over you!

For a happily ever after ending, my mouth whispered sweet nothings to their dreamy creamy caramel and macadamia cheesecake #bakedbliss

Ciao for now green cacao, happy drooling xoxo

Cafe 53 03 9662 1655

55 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000

Open Mondays to Fridays 7:00-5:00pm

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