Pure parfait @Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe

What’s goin’ on banana turon?  As it’s coming up to that pivotal one day in September I may have been hanging out the City of Boroondara to dedicate the next few posts to my fave team #GoHawks

Caffeine cargo
Vhat vonderful VM

Celebrating it’s first birthday recently, the cafe was named after a Kewellian gentlemen who still lives in the area.  Owner Wesley is more than happy to retell whimsical tales of Percy the WWII pilot that flew to exotic locations such as Brazil and Columbia where their coffee beans are coincidentally from…

Caffeine cargo
Caffeine cargo

Hello yellow #alilrayofsunshine

Yellow fever
Yellow fever

As a local boy himself, Wesley is a massive fan of supporting the community.  Their bread is baked fresh daily from Abbotsford Convent Bakery and the nearby coffee roaster brings their South American sourced green beans straight to the cafe.

It's a bird...
It’s a bird…

How adorable is the antique model fighter plane that is an actual replica of Percy’s war machine #gutentag

Spot the bird's nest...
Spot the bird’s nest

The cafe’s tenancy is a homely heritage building that is blessed with beautiful original features like textured ceilings, exposed brickwork and stained glass windows.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with E...
I spy with my little eye something beginning with E…

Check out these locally crafted wooden tables by David Davenport

Outside view
Outside view

Centrally located around the corner from High Street, the cafe started opening on Saturdays four months ago to cater for their loyal groupies fans who can’t wait until Monday for a bit of Percy love.

Zoom zoom zoom
Zoom zoom zoom

Faster than a speeding bullet…  More powerful than a locomotive.  Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…

Warm and cozy
Warm and cozy

Who doesn’t heart a fireplace?

Wall striptease
Wall striptease

Some people call their exposed brickwork a feature, Wesley prefers to call it a striptease…


You can leave your hat on!

Rain rain go away
Rain rain go away

Their outdoor courtyard is soo pretty even when it’s pouring, just imagine how it would be when the old man isn’t snoring #summerlove

Soy yummy
Soy yummy

Probably the best coffee in Kew (big call I know), master barista Wesley also produces his own full bodied specialty small-batch roasted coffee concoctions with weekly single origins available for purchase *aah*

You had me at avo
You had me at avo

The cafe’s all day brekky menu is changed seasonally by their chef with the concept of simple and tasty goodness.  Many have traveled all over the land (or at least over the Yarra!) for the timeless thyme infused mushrooms on toast, with smashed avocado, lime dressing, dukkah, creamy goats cheese & a poached egg…

Kiss me if I'm wrong, but have we met?
Kiss me if I’m wrong, but have we met?

Double choc chip cookie – double the pleasure, double the fun #onthedouble

A little birdie has told me to come back soon to check out their upcoming mural and other decorative projects.  I can’t reveal all but if you have any old board passes that you would like to give a new home to, make sure you drop them off at Percy’s departure lounge ;)

Ciao for now char kway teow!  Happy drooling xoxo

Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe 03 9939 7642

96 Denmark Street Kew VIC 3101

Open Mondays to Saturdays 7:00-3:00pm


*Pretty pretty please send me an email before re-posting my outstandingly original and copyright protected content elsewhere (yes, that includes my phabulous photos), and ensure that you share the love using the credit ‘via agentevocateur.com’.  Thanks heaps in advance xoxo

11 thoughts on “Pure parfait @Percy’s Aeroplane Cafe

  1. Have gone past this area numerous times and didnt realise this was there. Thanks for the hot tip, will definitely suss it out next time.

    1. Think double meant double the size! The pic did not do it justice, the cookie was massive and really yummy! Have to check it out next time you are free for some sibling love xoxo

  2. THe place maybe a little far for me to try out. I do like how they have carried their aeroplane theme with the decals so cute. The furniture old style recycle seems to be a trend thing, because I keep noticing this in many places I’ve visited. Old Vs New – Commercial style?

    1. I am definitely a sucker for industrial chic! When we moved into our new place, I stalked op shops for awhile to try and channel the look but just couldn’t have it at home! I love love love it at cafes though but think I need to have same same at my own place xoxo

      1. Last night, I attended Haymes Paints 2013 colour expression forecast & the launch of their paint extensions for the coming season.

        I thought of you the minute I walked into this event, full of designers/architects and specifiers. What a very hip happening group of people.

        They talked about the trends and inspirations. Showed pictures of the sample homes they have been working on with builders/designers/architects. Debbie Ryan from MCR showed some of her latest work (very out there – Strong use of colour).

        Due to economic conditions, the trend is re using and mixing things up (old to new)

        The 5 Key themes for 2013.

        U-Merge: Homes built/painted with more of a natural colour scheme reflecting the natural, earthy hues seen in the Aus. landscape. They had autumn colours for kitchens and copper and rust colours (loving the copper shines that are coming through).

        The next was Emerge, a more modern, combining the natural with commercial look – with the new building materials – very chic commercial style.

        Next is the way u were – This palette is old style but with a twist to pastels (combining again the new with the old) taking what was good from the old and re-introducing it back to our everyday lives. In a subtle and soothing kind of way.

        There will be a lot of eclectic collections.

        The next theme is Artiste: Very in your face, fast-paced, upbeat – A bigger white palette but with very punchy accent colours. Again the old and the new, with old colours from the Retro funk era.

        The last theme was Universe – The scheme reflects opportunity – A mysterious palette of colours – Searching for meaning blues.

        The new thing they had was a new range of colours for timber (in and out) very very different from what’s in the market place. Making the timber look a little more industrial without taking away from its natural beauty.

        Thought this may be of interest to you : ” )

      2. Oh wow thanks Nirma, this info is fabulous! I would have attended as well had we not been away on our work conference in Uluru. Please let me know if there is a website I can go to for further information. I will also definitely let you know when the Colourways Forecast Workshop results are in, always a fabulous reference for upcoming trends in colour and interior design ;) xoxo

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