Sticks & stones @Priscilla Jones

Long time no see calamansi!  Welcome to spoil yourself Sunday at our beloved local for long lunches: Priscilla Jones at Gasworks.  Thanks heaps to a little birdie for letting us know when owners Bronwyn and Emma took over the centrally located cafe in March 2012, it has made the Rainbow Brite highlight of our weekends ever since #easylikeSundaymorning

The great outdoors of PM
The great outdoors of Albert Park

Priscilla Jones is found right in the urban oasis of the Arts Park, and is of course, very kiddie and doggie friendly!

Better than the ones on Toorak Road tractors
Better than the ones on Toorak Road tractors

The comfort food cafe’s own cute as a button cartoon graphics can be found all around the exterior windows and inside as features on their signage and POS material.  Tell me these aren’t soo much better than those stick figure stickers (you know what I’m talking about!)

Welcome to spoil yourself Sunday!
All the best loved classics with their signature style

Priscilla Jones is open everyday for breakfast and lunchies, as well as some nights for dinner in conjunction with Gasworks Performing Arts next door, some Tuesday evenings for wine appreciation nights and afternoon tea every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday between 2:00-4:00pm.  Make sure you give the cafe a buzz to confirm dates and make bookings…

Tweet tweet...
Tweet tweet…

Whilst everything in their menu is aaawesome, it is also their aaahmazing customer service that keeps us coming back for more!

And it's just like honeeey, when your love comes over meee...
And it’s just like honeeey, when your love comes over meee…

Check out the cafe’s house muesli of toasted oats, seeds and nuts that they usually serve with natural yoghurt as well as rhubarb & raspberry compote #availableforpurchasescore

I know I jam I know I jam jam while oh damn why don't you jamboree for me?
I know I jam I know I jam jam while oh damn why don’t you jamboree for me?

In case you were wondering, Priscilla Jones also make their own oh so tasty chutneys and jams that you can purchase to try and re-enact the magic at home!  It’s just not the same for me, so am very lucky to live close by so I can stalk visit the cafe as often as I can for some wholesome action!


Tempting treats for everyone on two legs as well as four!  I can definitely  vouch for everything tasting just like Nana used to make them, with the cafe sourcingrecipes from their real life grannies!  Okay, I know the last sentence may have been uttered a bit tongue in cheek but Priscilla Jones is named after Bronwyn’s grandmother, Priscilla and her mother’s maiden name Jones. Word on the street the cafe owner’s mummies were also wonderful cooks and the delicious duo continues the tradition of representing their renowned recipes with a modern twist ;)

Custom retro apron <3
Custom retro apron <3

How gorgeous are their custom made aprons that the lucky staff wear as their uniform?  Soo jelly, wonder if wearing it gives them their super dooper cooking power ;)

Lovely light fittings
Lovely light fittings

As it is getting close to that festive time of the year, thought I should let you know that Priscilla Jones can cater for up to 50 people for dinner indoors or up to 100 in their spectacular outdoor courtyard.  Of course, they can handle more peeps in a standing situation…

I'm a little teapot short and stout
I’m a little teapot short and stout

Simple yet stunning interior details can be found everywhere in the cafe.  I really want to be a copycat from Ballarat and do this at home with different herbs #inourloversbalconyperhaps

Ring a ring a rosies, a pocketful of posies
Ring a ring a rosies, a pocketful of posies

Love love love fresh local flora!  Can anyone tell me what kind of flowers these are?

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!

Aren’t their custom stampage on all of their tables just adorable?

Soy lat-tey ho hey ho
Soy lat-tey ho hey ho

Make sure you follow @PriscillaJones on Twitter to find out when they have guest baristas over, like the brilliant Claire Bear with her out of this world Galaxy soy lattes #toinfinityandbeyond

I never meant to give you mushrooms girl...
I never meant to give you mushrooms girl…

This hottie house special is their roasted field mushrooms filled with ricotta, lemon, rosemary & spinach on sourdough with two poached eggs added for an all day brekky bonanza… yes, they do catering too!

I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!
I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!

Last but not least was my rendezvous with their homemade passionfruit and coconut slice for a very happy ending indeed #happilyeverafter

Ciao for now nian gao, happy drooling xoxo

Priscilla Jones 03 9682 8255

21 Graham Street Albert Park VIC 3206

Open Mondays to Sundays 7:30-4:30pm

*Pretty pretty please send me an email before re-posting my outstandingly original and copyright protected content elsewhere (yes, that includes my phabulous photos), and ensure that you share the love using the credit ‘via’.  Thanks heaps in advance xoxo

12 thoughts on “Sticks & stones @Priscilla Jones

  1. the roasted field mushrooms filled with ricotta, lemon, rosemary & spinach on sourdough with two poached eggs must have been poetry in the mouth – looks so yummmmmmm!

  2. This looks fantastic! I love finding great little places to have coffee and a snack and you cover every little detail so perfectly. Can’t wait to check it out :)

  3. The roasted field mushrooms are my fav!!

    Muffins are great to eat whilst your puppy is playing at gasworks

    Thanks again for the information (love your website)


    1. Awww glad to be of service! Yes Gasworks is very popular for all the puppinistas in the City of Port Philip ;) xoxo

  4. “I’m a little teapot short and stout”

    HAHAHAHAHA that caption made me laugh for reasons. #turtle

    did this place have eggs benedict? i cant remember. :|

    1. Hmmmmm :| Great to hear I tickled your funny bone Peepao…

      PJ do not have eggs Benedict on their menu but I am sure they will be happy to make it for you if you ask nicely ;) xoxo

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