Not so quiet as a mouse @TDF Open House

Well hello fluoro yellow!  Sorry it’s taken awhile but finally put the photos up from TDF Open House last year… Was not sure what to expect but was hoping not to wait for aaages in the hot like a sunrise that was Melbourne’s Springtime – a little birdie told me that the first day was hectic as!

www.agentevocateur.comSo far so good and very tempted to grab the first of the limited edition Miniscape terranium I saw…

www.agentevocateur.comColour love with air vessels by Emma Davies and twiggy bits by Twiggargerie

www.agentevocateur.comMore handcrafted goodies by Harvest Textiles, Marimekko and Karen Morton

www.agentevocateur.comSweet sweet soy lattes from local’s Market Lane Coffee from nearby Prahran Market….

www.agentevocateur.comI spy with my little eye something beginning with J….

www.agentevocateur.comVisual feats from Bec Orpin, Esther Stewart, Little Land of Pia, Kat Mcleod, Kate Tucker, Kirra Jamison and Miranda Skoczek

www.agentevocateur.comEeenie meenie minie mo, catch a Bonnie & Neil cushion by the toe…

www.agentevocateur.comMore terranium goodness by Miniscapes and awesome art by Lucas Grogan, represented north of the river by Gallerysmith Lovers balcony…

Balcony view of Open House backyard…

www.agentevocateur.comBoudoir for the bourgeoisie by Castle and Little Dandelion

www.agentevocateur.comCan you spot little leather lockets by Jen Booth, handcrafted hooks by Stampel (so got one!) and Trashkova bins by Boqil? The kiddie bedroom was probably the most inspirational section for me…

www.agentevocateur.comLove love love the feather garland by Made by Mosey… can I get a witness?


Poof lovin’ to finish ;)  Let me know what you thought of TDF Open House…

Ciao for now bow wow!  Happy drooling xoxo

The Design Files Open House 2012

27 Eastbourne Street Windsor

Thursday Nov 29th – Sunday December 2nd 2012

Open 10.00am – 5.00pm daily








Tell & Kiss @Grey & Bliss

Knock knock pork hock!  With the skies not so blue and the tingling promise of the weekend, where else could one find perfect happiness than Grey & Bliss on Bay Street?

Neo nirvana
Neo nirvana

Catchy name right?  When I asked hostie with the mostie, Alex, what the g-o was with the cafe’s moniker, he revealed that they simply got lucky from a naming competition with their staff and suppliers, as well as their nearby neighbours.  That’s pretty much how Grey & Bliss rolls, getting down with the locals to give them what they really want!  Judging from how busy they are no matter what time of the day, they have certainly been getting heaps of love back in return!

Crompton Road or Dark Horse?
Crompton Road or Dark Horse?

The coffee is Five Senses and the mouthwatering menu is seasonal, with a fabulous focus on building strong relationships with artisan farmers.  Alex explained that the cafe’s gastrophilosophy was all about the “farm to table experience”.

Lights, camera, action!
Lights, camera, action!

Owner Leigh must have been an industrial designer in his previous life – how clever are these light fittings!  The Grey & Bliss team created the whole design concept, having previous experience with other venues in the heart of the CBD.  The Bay Street locale is their first foray into the ‘burbs…

Copper feature
Chinoiserie with copper should always be seen…

I don’t know what I heart more – the chinoiserie pot or their copper lighting!

China plate collage
China plate collage

Even going to the bathroom is an artistic exploration #ninthwonder

Delicious details everywhere...
Delicious details everywhere…

Hostie Alex advised that they really wanted a space that was more than just a pretty face, somewhere where their customers felt at home and treated the cafe like it was their own lounge room…

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!

Certainly wished my lounge was as pretty as this!

I spy with my little eye something beginning with T...
I spy with my little eye something beginning with T…

Flexible and inviting for girly get togethers, double dates or lovers lunch (If anyone is wondering I’m totes down for any excuse to go back here soon!)

Pure perfection
Pretty perfection

Seriously, am I the only one who wants to channel this in my own home sweet home?

Fitout fetish
Fitout fetish

My photos seriously do not do Grey & Bliss justice!  Everything is just soo adorable!

Clock love
Clock love

Exposed brickwork and unsealed concrete – match in material heaven or what?

I'm your biggest fan...
I’m your biggest fan…

Timber fans and reclaimed lighting #ecochic

Sensational soy
Sensational soy

Oh soy latte how do I love thee!  Let me count the ways…


The Forestiere with free range green eggs poached, mushroom ragout, spinach truffle butter and shaved parmesan on brioche – my taste buds are still tingling!

Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?
Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?

Hazelnut and cranberry meringue #mindblowing

Word out on the street is that Grey & Bliss will be staying open later in the coming months for some casual summer fun!  Know where I’ll be for din dins ;)

Ciao for now luwow!  Happy drooling xoxo

Grey & Bliss 03 9646 9989

197-199 Bay Street Port Melbourne

Open Mondays to Sundays 7:00-5:00pm

Creative culture @Fringe Furniture

Missed me bubble tea?  It’s been hella hectic with lots of exciting things happening at work and school… soo crazy that I almost forgot about Melbourne Fringe Furniture!  The temporal theme this year is ‘You’re Gonna Need  A Bigger Boat: Bright Ideas, Simply Put’.  Hmmm.  Inspired by the movie classic Jaws (WT?) that I may or may not have actually watched ever, the focus is on the “simple expression of challenging concepts” (cue Jaws soundtrack!)  Partnered with RMIT University, we can expect to see samples of sensational student work #woohoo

The exhibition is located this year in the angelic Abbotsford Convent.  Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they are the ‘meh’ in mainstream whenever they are in the City of Yarra?  Not jelly I swear, but damn those locals look sooo ridonculously cool with their lentil burgers and locally sourced organic wine #hipsteralert.  But I digress.  Anywho, if any of you get hopelessly lost like me, the gallery space is around the corner from the white building on your left when you enter the convent.  When you see the sign in the photo above, keep going and turn left again!  Please do not mind all those industrious looking peeps bumping in to film something (I knew I should have put my lashes on today *argh*)

Gotta love the splash on Pantone’s colour of the year ‘Tangerine Tango‘ to greet you upon arrival  #tastytasty


#51 Spume by Jo Li & Mark Watson (18mm laminated board) 1500x2200x700mm

#7 I am a Liar by Byron Raleigh (mock solid timber door – MDF, Radiata Pine, CNC router cut lettering) 2040x820x35mm

Under the sea, under the sea, darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter, take it from me…

#50 Trap V2 by Graheme Mandelson (plywood) 40x50x1200mm

#36 Renaissance by Thomas Lentini (reclaimed Baltic pine floorboards, reclaimed hessian coffee sacks, reclaimed steel) 450x1400x450mm

Is anyone else thinking Coco Pops bling right now? #lightfittinglove

#43 Weave pendants by Edward Linacre (reclaimed timber veneers from an industrial waste bin, brass double cap rivets, steel fittings, light fixtures by Pakumba) 850/650x800mm or 800/600x600mm

We’re going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali…

We are truly blessed in Melbourne with so much homegrown talent in our hood #3000represent

#34 Tree by Cachet (bamboo plywood, glass) 395x1542x522mm

Although we’ve come, to the end of the road…

#39 Rough diamond pendants by Jonathan Ben-Tovim (old copper coil from air conditioners, steel wire, fishing thread) 1200x860x800mm

Winner of ‘Lighting Design Award‘, this showstopper was definitely my pick of the bunch!

Make sure you put your riding boots on and trek over the Yarra as soon as you can, the exhibition is on 11-5pm until this Saturday – eeek!

Ciao for now, brown cow!  Happy drooling xoxo

2012 Fringe Furniture @the Abbotsford Convent

1 St Heliers Street Abbotsford

Wednesday 26 September-Saturday 13 October 2012