Stop this instance @Tyranny of Distance

Oh haaai cherry pie!  For those who are not familiar with this wonderful Windsor institution, you have been missing out!   An oldie but a goodie, Tyranny of Distance has been providing locals and Swinburne students alike with fantabulous food and even better drinkies (from what I’ve heard!) since 2008.  FYI, happy hour at the lubritorium is everyday between 5-7pm #you’rewelcome

What a welcome ;)
What a welcome ;)

Stage right is the entrance to their enclosed smoke free dining area that meshes Rio Carnivalesque colours with op shop treasures #didsomebodysaysamba

Undercover lub
Undercover lub

More finishes eye candy of the inside dining area!  Owners Carlo and George commissioned several Melbourne artists for the fitout, with Melbourne jeweller and goldsmith Marcos Davidson leading the regime.  The finished concept is almost gallery like in exhibiting artworked pieces that have been recycled, reclaimed and re-used.


It’s just so right…

Re-rewind and the crowd say bo selecta
Re-rewind and the crowd say bo selecta

The various vintage pieces throughout the venue gives homage to the site originally being a lube garage (for cars, silly!)

It's all in the deets
It’s all in the deets

Everything in the cafe feels like it has a super cool story to tell…  Tyranny of Distance is like the Grandmaster Flash of eco-industria that is soo haute right now!

Puff, puff, give
Puff, puff, give

From raw metal beams to unpolished concrete floors, it’s like what I’ve always wanted my bachelorette pad to be… except for the bachelorette part!  Oh, and did you know you can pretty much smoke everywhere on this side of the cafe ;)

Don't ruin the rotation
Don’t ruin the rotation

Seriously, this place totes floats my boat on aesthetics alone #suckerforaprettyface

The heat is on
The heat is on

Now that’s a totem of mass reconstruction!

Ceiling feature
Look, up in the sky

These light fittings created from rustic old gas bottles kinds reminds me of those recycled LPG gas bottle fruit bowls from Industria X on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy – do you know which ones I mean?

Totes adorbs
Totes adorbs

A little birdie told me they get their bewdyful bouquets fresh everyday from Sarrucci on Chapel Street, Prahran…


A native flora by any other name…  Does anyone (this is your cue landscape architects) know what this is?

Industrial chic
Industrial chic

Chair porn!  Soo many choices, only one booty…

Cafe au soy
Cafe au soy

I find that I am developing a fetish for fine china in my old age #octagonsaucerforUFClovers

Fabulous flatbread
Fabulous flatbread

Today’s special was slow cooked lamb shoulder with confit garlic, spinach and pinenuts wrapped in their signature flatbread… how could I resist?

Damn girl, you must be tired because you've been running through my dreams all night long!
Damn girl, you must be tired because you’ve been running through my dreams all night long!

Homemade fruit salad crumble muff.  That is all.

Ciao for now carabao.  Happy drooling xoxo

Tyranny of Distance 03 9525 1005

147 Union Street Windsor VIC 3181

Open Mondays to Wednesdays 7:00-11:00pm; Thursdays 7:00-12:00am; Fridays 7:00-1:00am; Saturdays 8:00-1:00am; Sundays 8:00-12:00am (no rest for the wicked!)

*Pretty pretty please send me an email before re-posting my outstandingly original and copyright protected content elsewhere (yes, that includes my phabulous photos), and ensure that you share the love using the credit ‘via’.  Thanks heaps in advance xoxo

17 thoughts on “Stop this instance @Tyranny of Distance

  1. YES!! I love this place. I remember stopping there one night because I needed to use the toilet, and I didn’t actually know what it was… I thought I was using someone’s open studio apartment or something!
    SO I went back for breakfast the next day and they were so nice and the food was beautiful.
    I really admire when a cafe or restaurant etc, goes out of their way to try something completely different ie with decor or with menu or just something that captures the eye. It takes courage to do that so I always try and help them out.

    1. TOD is the ultimate for me in as being so spectacularly different from others (and trust me, I’ve been around!) The staff and food are also always amazing, this cafe was the highlight of my day every time I had school in Prahran xoxo

  2. Where is it exatly? It’s too bad I haven’t been this amazing place.
    I’m sitting liberay and wondering what I shall eat tonight… going to check ou now…

    Thank you for the information, Margaux!

    1. Sorry for the late reply hun just found this in my spam folder! Hope you had a delicious dinner last Thursday night! TOD is just off Chapel Street, Windsor end at Union Street. Let me know what you think xoxo

  3. Hey! I must say that I have to go to this place, it looks very unique and the food looks very nice as well
    I found your posts very useful especially for tourists or international students, as we can know some of the options that Melbourne has to offer.


    1. Oh thanks heaps for the feedback Andrea, I’m so glad you’re feeling the love! There are soo many amazing cafes here in Melbourne that just do not get the coverage they deserve, I’m actually really enjoying writing up my posts so far and exploring the wannabe photographer in me xoxo

  4. Hi agent evocateur,
    this is Carlo from Tyranny of Distance thanks for the kind review, we appreciate!
    Keep up the good work

    1. Awww thanks Carlo glad you likey :) Thanks heaps for the fabulous time we had at your cafe, love your work! Can’t wait to see the upcoming fitout additions that Wesley was talking about, it’s going to be soo pretty xoxo

    2. Awww thanks Carlo so glad you likey :) Thanks heaps for always being soo awesome everytime I visit, could not have finished my interior design degree without your soy lattes and tapas! Love your work xoxo

  5. Hi, you make me love this place and want to go there. It is so lovely and wonderful. Thank for your post!

  6. a foodie post is never complete without a soy latte and a muffin, isnt it Ate? :)

    Yeah i remember this place, cant remember the food we had though. It had that hipster vibe though similar to Fitzroy’s.

    1. You know it baby bro ;) Although I haven’t meant to always have a muff for dessert, it just seems to be what is available the day I come and visit! Last time we were there was when after school so it was in between lunch and dinner menus – think we had the meatballs taps with flatbread – oh that just my tummy rumble #yum. The Windsor end of Chapel is very hipster compared to the South Yarra end for sure #fashionistas xoxo

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